Coding on the web since 1997:

I moved in 2002 to South Florida to work for a startup that didn't last beyond 2 years. I did programming and media work for a large web conferencing company West Palm FL before moving into broadcast graphics and design work for CBS affiliate WPEC. I did TV News for 2 plus years then joined a small ad agency in Palm City FL. I had a opportunity to come in on the ground flow with a fitness platform with resistance bands called VertiMax, which brought me to the Tampa area in 2010. I currently produce all the online marketing, programming, designing work for VertiMax which is blends technology with athletic training. In addition, I have several clients I maintain their sites consult for.

We can build any type or size website

Web design

Combining both art and function, websites need to deliver information in the clearest way possible.

Interface design

Much more than just pretty pixels, interfaces elegantly solve problems. A good interface is invisible.


Our designers and developers work closely to merge all aspects of a project into one great experience.